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Scissor lift

Large platforms ranging from 18ft to 38ft working height, Haulotte scissor lifts find their uses in many different fields: construction and public works, cleaning, events and more... Compact for easy access to narrow spaces, equipped with rough terrain diesel for outside applications or silent electric for interior use, their platform capacity ranges from 500 to 1250 lbs.

Top quality Haulotte scissor lifts

Designed for lifting people to carry out work at height in complete safety, Haulotte scissor lifts are used in a number of fields: construction, masonry and electrical work, cleaning, events, etc. Compact enough to access narrow spaces, and available as an all-terrain diesel for outdoor applications, or silent electric for indoor use or use in low-emission outdoor areas, the robust platform of our scissor lifts can handle a load of 230 kg to 750 kg.

Equipped with a large platform, the scissor lifts have a higher load capacity than all other platform types. They can lift up to 3 people to carry out the most demanding jobs. Platform extensions provide additional scope and workspace. The straight line elevation makes them very easy to manoeuvre. With their excellent all-terrain and tilting abilities, all-terrain scissor lifts can operate on even the most rugged terrain. The stabilisers provide maximum stability. PULSEO scissors offer you the advantage of working indoors, emission-free and quietly.

Haulotte: your expert in manufacturing scissor lifts/lifts

Haulotte scissor lifts are specially adapted to the constraints of the structural and second finishings trades because they are capable of lifting heavy loads while keeping you safe. The fantastic autonomy and versatility of our scissor lifts provides exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors.


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