Haulotte rewrites the story of Romeo and Juliet with its new machine HA46 E

In the 16th century Romeo and Juliet didn’t get the chance to live out their love story, but now Haulotte is giving them the power to change that in the 21st century with the new HA46 E rough terrain electric articulating boom!

Just imagine if you have the power to rewrite the iconic balcony scene in a 2.0 version, the story wouldn’t be the same. A transformed, optimized romance, allowing them to live their love story…thanks to the right equipment.





Haulotte rewrites the romantic saga of Romeo and Juliet by introducing the HA46 E, its new rough terrain electric articulating boom. An environmentally friendly machine that operates silently, with performance equal to a diesel-powered machine. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, offering unlimited duty cycles through its removable and interchangeable Range Extender. This 2.0 love story reflects the group's bold vision and its determination to stand out from the crowd in its market.

For Haulotte, the best is not enough; we aim higher, we aim further, aiming for performance, reliability, and safety. All of this is embodied in HA46 E, new rough terrain electric articulating model, the latest addition to the PULSEO generation. With this new boom, a world of virtuous possibilities unfolds. Experience a realm of creativity and flexibility! Experience a boom lift that embraces the present, allowing you to change the story of your daily job for a better one.

The 21st-century Romeo now has all the right tools to win Juliet's heart. Discover, just like him, 4 reasons to fall in love with the HA46 E and declare your love for it.

Embark on a world tour with the HA46 E!

The HA46 E PULSEO articulating boom is a 2-in-1 machine: its versatility makes it indispensable throughout the life of the worksite, from start-up to the completion. Its electric architecture, combined with rough terrain performance make it perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor applications, while ensuring clean and quiet operation.

Equipped with optional non-marking tires, the HA46 E allows work indoors without leaving marks, even on sensitive ground. Its low rear overhang and 4-wheel steer -available on the HA46 E PRO model - make the boom extremely manoeuvrable.


Love at first sight!

Thanks to its 100% electric design, the HA46 E operates with zero emission, making it suitable for all situations, including nighttime operations:

- Low Emission Zones (LEZ)
- Green-labelled worksites
- Zones where access to combustion engines is prohibited.

The HA46 E is incredibly silent (<70 dB in electric mode), providing real comfort for the operator's bystanders. Its discretion opens the door to new applications: quiet areas like hospitals, offices, schools, public places (shopping malls, pedestrian streets, airports), indoor and enclosed worksites or places




Unlimited Romance!

Whatever the worksite constraints, the HA46 E offers several charging solutions: main plug, three-phase outlet accelerated charger, or charging with the Range Extender*. Installed in less than 5 minutes, the Range Extender is a removable generator solution that recharges the HA46 E batteries to 80% in 3 hours.

With the Range Extender, the HA46 E proposes unlimited duty cycles, allowing working on all types of construction sites, including those without access to the electrical grid. The Range Extender is 100% versatile and interchangeable with the HS4390 E and HS4390 E scissor lift models and future models of the PULSEO range.

*available as an option





With You for the Best!

The HA46 E boasts excellent rough terrain capabilities, identical to those of a diesel-powered boom. Its electric architecture combined with a mechanical axle drive makes it ideal for all types of terrain, even the roughest. The impressive drive power provided by its cutting-edge equipment enables the HA46 E to climb slopes up to 40% and work on tilted grades up to 5°.

Say 'I do' to a lifetime of simplified maintenance!

The HA46 E is designed to facilitate maintenance operations and optimize the total cost of ownership. Machine maintenance is made easy with its integrated diagnostic tool, direct access to components, AGM batteries, and maintenance-free asynchronous motors (AC). These structural elements, combined with the SHERPAL telematics solution, enable fleet managers fleet to maximize machine exploitation. Machine data transmission facilitates fleet management, optimizing machine availability and simplifying daily operations.





*check conditions in the Haulotte distribution network

The HA46 E features Haulotte's highest quality standards, meeting all requirements working at heights up to 16m. Subjected to strict endurance tests and accelerated ageing cycles guaranteeing their lifespan, the HA46 E and all PULSEO generation models benefit from a 5-year warranty.

With the HA46 E, Haulotte reaffirms its commitment to its customers successes by offering equipment that support construction sites decarbonization, ensure long-term reliability and incorporate innovations for enhanced safety. Combined with a 360° service offer, the HA46 E will guarantee its owners an optimized total cost of ownership.


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The PULSEO Range

Haulotte pursues its 'Blue Strategy' by adding a new model to the PULSEO range – the HA46 E, a rough terrain electric articulating boom, and its highly-equipped version the HA46 E PRO. The PULSEO range offers environmental-friendly, 100% electric, emission-free equipment, and providing unmatched performance on rough terrains. The range features 4 machine models – HS4390 E, HS5390 E, HA61 LE, HA46 E – expanding worksites possibilities and extending duty cycles.

Haulotte is thus continuing to roll out its PULSEO range, gradually replacing all internal combustion models with new electric architectures. The HA46 E & Range Extender combo is ideal for supporting the energy transition on worksites. The Range Extender, a removable and interchangeable generator solution on all PULSEO models*, brings greater flexibility and possibilities to worksites without access to electrical grids.

*Except the HA61 LE