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Telescopic booms

Telescopic architecture allows for straight and direct elevation which makes them easy to use. They have the best outreach and can reach higher working areas compare to any other type. Telescopic booms operate on the roughest ground thanks to their exceptional all-terrain capacities. With proportional and simultaneous movements, they provide a high level of comfort and safety.

Choose a telescopic boom lift with Haulotte

The telescopic design provides straight and direct lifting, which makes these boom lifts very easy to use. Of all the platforms, they have the greatest offset outreach and can reach the highest working areas. Telescopic boom lifts can operate in rough terrain environments thanks to their exceptional all-terrain capabilities. With proportional and simultaneous movements, they offer a high level of comfort and safety from 16 to 43 meters and for some of them, a load capacity of up to 450 kg. Equipped with continuous 360° rotation and oscillating axles, they offer optimum productivity to operators working on public works construction sites, second finishing works, landscaping, or any maintenance and restoration operations.

Haulotte: a specialist in manufacturing telescopic and lifting platforms

Haulotte develops a wide range of self-propelled lifting platforms to meet business requirements, whatever the working environment. Telescopic lifting platforms offer optimal comfort and safety and are able to perform various tasks with ease, whatever the type of terrain: structural works, demolition, construction, pruning, events, etc.

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