Online Warranty Claim

All warranty claims must be filled within 15 days of machine failure date. All cells marked * are mandatory.

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If you don’t have an account number, please contact us using the information below:

Email: ; Phone: 800 537-0540

Product Information
Claim information
Description of failure

If you already know the failed part, please enter the Haulotte reference in “Affected part number” and the traceability of the part in “Part serial number”.


Corrective action taken

Describe corrective action undertaken

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Please click on “Browse” to upload each picture you want to attach to the form. Allowed extensions: png jpg jpeg (10Mb max per picture and 10 pictures max).

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Please click on “Browse” to upload each document you want to attach to the form. Allowed extensions: pdf docx doc xlsx xls pptx pptType of document: copy of the work order and/or mechanics report of the work done on the machine, copy of the part(s) invoiced if applicable (10Mb max per document and 10 documents max).

Part(s) replaced on the machine

If part(s) is required to be returned, you will be contacted by Haulotte.

Labor and travel expenses

These sections below are optional if a legible copy of the Service Invoice is scanned and uploaded with the claim. If all the information requested is on the scanned document, it does not need to be typed below.

Requirements for warranty claim​:
Claim form must include full detail of issue(s), a copy of the part(s) invoice and a copy of the work order and or mechanics report of the work done on the machine.
Please hold on to any parts for 60 days after receipt of reimbursement. Haulotte will contact you if the parts need to be returned.
Failure to perform any of these requirements will result in rejection of the claim for warranty reimbursement.


I, the undersigned, certify to the best of my knowledge that the above statements are true and correct, that the parts in question do belong to the equipment described, and the repair has been carried out, in a professional and workmanlike manner.

Your personal data will be retained as long as necessary for the Purposes and will be accessible only to the extent necessary for those specific Purposes.