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Haulotte China’s dealer meeting in Changzhou

Published 2023/01/23

Reading 8 min

This meeting was an opportunity to sum up 2022 and look forward into 2023 while sharing the latest products and support policies. Dealers were then invited to tour the factory and test Haulotte’s latest products.

All attendees were impressed with the Changzhou factory and left full of confidence for future cooperation.


«the establishment of Haulotte's new factory in Changzhou shows us Haulotte's long-term confidence in the Chinese Market. The new COMPACT products are more suitable for the Chinese market and will make us more competitive.»

Peter Chen, General Manager of Shanghai SIBANG, who has been cooperating with Haulotte for more than 10 years, said during the meeting that:

The new Changzhou plant has been designed and built as a model of an Industry 4.0 factory. It represents Haulotte’s growth ambitions in China, situated on a substantial 80000 sqm (20 acre) plot of land.

The 44000 sqm (473,000 sqft) building will let Haulotte significantly widen the range of local production. The Changzhou plant features the latest technologies in terms of organization and process, such as the capacity to design and produce locally customized solutions.

«We hope that ‘Changzhou 2’ will be able to produce machines that are better suited to the Chinese customers’, regardless of design or cost structure. Haulotte Shanghai hopes to work with the factory team to develop new after-sales solutions for Chinese customers, such as refurbishing used equipment, but that is a long-term goal!».

A few months ago, Harry WANG - General Manager of Haulotte Shanghai - shared his business expectations for the new plant in Changzhou:

«in the past ten years, in the fields of Chinese Aerospace, COMAC, petrochemical construction and other industries, dealers have made great contributions to Haulotte! It can be said that without dealers, there would be no Haulotte brand in China! Haulotte thanks every collaborator who has worked diligently as we partner together for growth and sends a solemn commitment: "Let’s Dare Together" for this new year!».

During the dealer meeting, Harry WANG stressed that: