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Haulotte BIM Library is online!

Published 2020/01/21

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BIM objects contribute to efficient building project management


BIM revolutionizes how buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and managed in the construction industry. This intelligent process gives architects, engineers, and construction companies the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design and manage a construction project. Thanks to 3D model-based objects, they can accurately visualize their project in a virtual environment. BIM provides digital representations of mobile elevating work platforms and telehandlers on a jobsite as well as relevant dynamic information. Considering the virtual infrastructure or building prior to its physical construction contributes to reducing project risks and anticipating challenges. For rental or construction companies, as well as for end customers, using BIM files helps to identify the best equipment required for the job and improves logistics management.

Technical and parametric data ensure an optimal usage within the BIM environment

Structured and relevant product data is embedded in Haulotte’s BIM objects. The specifications are updated on a regular basis, so that the project always operates with safe source information. All project stakeholders can access the technical details such as working height, horizontal outreach or lift capacity, to facilitate the design process. Haulotte’s BIM objects simply act as the real equipment would on the jobsite, thus ensuring the equipment meet the highest standards of safety, productivity and performance. Their small data size responds to easy and fluent usage, while their design respects Haulotte machine models. The modeling files have clear and concise parameters, with minimal and maximal ranges of motion precisely specified. The overall work envelope has been defined in a clear and continuous way so that each machine can be deployed in all possible configurations to reach the working area. Together, technical and parametric data enables architects, engineers, and construction companies to determine the aerial lift that best fits the jobsite needs. Within a few seconds, they can find the right Haulotte machine according to the work applications they plan to handle.

From now on, include Haulotte MEWPs and telehandlers in your upcoming project!

Haulotte’s BIM library provides data files and 3D objects to virtually create and manage building and infrastructure projects, from concept to completion. Today, it includes 8 models, covering each product ranges:
  • HA16 RTJ PRO and HA20 LE PRO articulating booms (US names HA43 RTJ PRO / HA61 LE PRO)
  • HT23 RTJ PRO telescopic boom (US name HT 67 RTJ PRO)
  • Compact 10DX/12 DX and Optimum 8 scissor lifts (US names Compact 2668 RT/3368 RT and Optimum 1931 AC)
  • Star 10 vertical mast (US name Star 26 J)
  • HTL 4017 telehandler (US name HTL9055)

They are free to download in both REVIT and IFC format on Haulotte websites and on bimobject.com, the world’s leading BIM content platform. Three levels of detail are available, regarding the intended use and the stage of development of the project. Clément Viaouët, Product Manager at Haulotte, says “By developing high-quality Building Information Models, Haulotte remains at the forefront of digital technologies. This project is also in line with the company’s guideline: the digital transformation”. Rémi Heidelberger, Product Marketing Manager at Haulotte, adds «We will expand our BIM library, making the full Haulotte product line available for download until the end of 2020».