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Haulotte Activ' Energy Management

Haulotte Activ’Energy Management optimizes the performance and lifespan of your batteries ! This exclusive technology combines a smart charger with water refilling solutions to significantly reduce your battery maintenance and replacing costs.


Thanks to Activ'Energy Management, your batteries lasts twice as long ! You significantly reduce your maintenance costs and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of your machines.

Technical highlights

  • A water level sensor detects when a water refill is required

  • An automatic centralized water filling refills when required

  • An embedded water tank extends maintenance intervals.

  • A temperature sensor evaluates battery temperature

  • A smart CAN-bus charger analyzes battery working parameters and adapts the charging curves. It respects all of the battery charging parameters and integrates many specific programs dedicated to battery maintenance.

  • The smart charger communicates with the Activ'screen that displays charging & water filling notifications.

Activ'Energy Management system