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INTERMAT has evolved over the years into a unique opportunity for successful networking with all the international players in the construction industry. This year's event will break new ground by focusing on how to successfully build the world tomorrow today. Haulotte, a regular participant at this event, will showcase its extensive solutions and innovations to demonstrate its capacity to promote this vision.


Haulotte, a French company, is a major global player, providing a portfolio of increasingly innovative solutions. By co-creating value with our partners, market trendsetters and users alike will be able to benefit from a portfolio of solutions better aligned to each of their needs.


Based on a comprehensive, scalable and forward-looking offering, we are committed to building a relationship of confidence with our partners to promote solutions for working at height while increasing both safety and productivity.


Haulotte will be ready to welcome visitors in a modern and comfortable indoor setting highlighting new technologies and environmental issues. Outside, Haulotte's aerial work platforms and telehandlers will be on display, with a few examples previewed here below:



HT67 RTJ Pro - Rough terrain Telescopic boom

Ideal for many applications (construction work, shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical, and aviation industries, etc.) this range of machines is unsurpassed in the most important performance metrics.

     •The best working envelope
     •The fastest lifting speed
     •Fully proportional and simultaneous movements

       •Optimum productivity

The boom will be equipped with the new ACTIV'Lighting System, to simplify loading and unloading the boom on a truck while enhancing user safety.

It will also be equipped with the STOP Emission System that automatically stops and restarts the engine. The system reduces use of the engine and peripheral components by up to 20%, thereby extending the life of the engine and assuring higher residual value. In adition, fuel consumption and noise levels are reduced, operating costs are lowered and the impact on the environment is minimized.

It will be available September 2018.


HA46 RTJ Pro - Rough terrain Articulating boom

A multipurpose machine, ideal for many types of applications such as building works (steel erection, cladding, curtain wall, painting, etc), mechanical works (plumbing, electrical work, air conditioning, heating, insulation...), maintenance, demolition, pruning, etc. This machine has been designed to meet customer requirements with a machine that is simple, robust, reliable and easy to maintain with optimal performance and a high level of safety.

Like the HT67 RTJ, it will now be equipped with the ACTIV'Lighting System and STOP Emission System.

It will be available on the market as early as June.


HA80 RTJ Pro- Rough terrain Articulating boom

Like the HA67 and HA46 ranges, the articulated boom HA80 RTJ Pro benefits from the

latest innovations such as the Activ Screen (on-board diagnostic), the Activ'Shield Bar

2.0, the ACTIV 'Lighting system and the STOP Emission system. Its architecture makes it

possible to access many different work areas thanks to a working height of 86 ft 1 in, a

30 ft 6 in up-and-over clearance to overcome obstacles with ease and an excellent 57 ft 5 in horizontal outreach to work in hard-to-reach areas. It offers 550 lb / 750 lb dual load capacity as an option. It adapts to all projects: Construction, mechanical, maintenance and renovation, industrial operations, demolition, landscaping and tree surgery.



STAR 13 Picking – Vertical mast

The vertical mast Star 13 Picking meets all indoor needs in the retail and logistics sectors. It incorporates a tray equipped with removable side panels and a front-end guardrail for picking tasks. Exclusive to Haulotte, this mast is the first equipped with optional ACTIV'Pedestrian Light (an anti-collision LED spot projected in front of the machine to alert bystanders). This mast also has the Haulotte Activ'Screen system for easy maintenance.



Star 20 – Vertical mast

The new Star 8 vertical masts combines maximum versatility with optimal cost!

     •Maximum agility in confined areas
     •Easy to transport (easily climbs truck ramps)
     •Minimum maintenance for reduced cost and downtime.

Available starting June.




Also from HAULOTTE:


Haulotte has set up a dedicated "Specialty Solutions" division with a team of experts including: an engineering department with a project manager, external value added participants, and cooperation partners.

This division produces and manufactures equipment based on mass-produced product ranges or custom expertise to address requirements for specific Business applications, incorporating a service of personalized monitoring that incorporates technical and regulatory risk management.

HAULOTTE is involved in every sector, including:

     •Hostile environments



Following the creation of HAULOTTE FINANCIAL SERVICES, Haulotte can arrange financing solutions for customers in nearly all countries of the globe.



Haulotte's core services allow customers to obtain assistance from support staff

combined with necessary technical resources. This comprehensive solution ensures maximum autonomy from the moment they acquire their machines.

Through the quality of the spare parts, the expertise of the technical assistance, thousands of technical training modules provided every year in 12 languages through a network of instructors strategically located as close as possible to customers, and the introduction of new innovative services like equipment refurbishing, Haulotte Services represents the perfect support solution for optimizing operating performances.

Haulotte Services also provides a full-fledged suite of online tools ("e-services") that

combines ease-of-use with rapid deployment.

easy-spare-parts: an online platform for purchasing spare parts

e-technical-information: a search engine providing technical information on Haulotte


e-machines-codes: a management system making it possible to control technical access to high security levels for machines.

e-training: an online platform for employee training and skill management.


Discover HAULOTTE's other surprises at stand E5 J002 from 23 to 28 of April.


Let’s Imagine the Future !

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