Haulotte DIAG - V1 discontinued: Welcome to the “DIAG” APP!

Assisting customers with day-to-day machine maintenance and troubleshooting is a Haulotte priority. In 2014, the Group introduced a universal diagnostic tool, HAULOTTE DIAG which reduced technician maintenance intervention time. Very easy to use, HAULOTTE DIAG simplified technician jobs significantly while supporting repair solutions.


The first version of Haulotte Diag, launched in 2014, was a big success.

The “DIAGPAD” all-in-one troubleshooting tool included a rugged hand-held touch screen device, the Haulotte Diag software, and the VCI unit enabling remote connection to the machine.


After 5 years of great success and due to Operating System discontinuation, this original version will became obsolete as of the end of March 2019. The tablet will no longer be supported by or receive upgrades from Haulotte (including bug fixes, machines upgrades and integration of new Haulotte Aerial work platforms). The DIAGPAD solution still can be used after this date, even though it will not be updated in the future.



From now on use the "DIAG" App"  to configure and use all the same diagnostic tools directly from your smartphone!

Download the DIAG App today on your smartphone or tablet (available for both Android or IOS).

A fully mobile online troubleshooting and maintenance tool for convenient and effective repairs!

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